Chair Caning & Rush Repair

Chair Caning and Rush Repair - Virginia and Maryland

When it comes to your wicker chairs, tables and rockers, Colonial Restoration specializes in chair caning and rush maintenance and repair. We are the experts in constructing exact match patterns and weaves to restore your furniture. Our experts have spent years mastering the art of caning and rush and stand by each unique delicate weave of every chair. Chair caning and rush is an art that takes practice and the end result is stunningly beautiful. These amazing weaved pieces are not only appealing to the eye but are durable for many different types of weather conditions.

Caning is primarily done with strands of cane and by hand and will display an octagon pattern. Caning is a time consuming process but the end result is stunning to the eye when completed. Many chose caning as an option because of the durability of the strands of cane. There are many different types of caning that will display a different end result on each piece of furniture. Caning is unique and offers many different patterns from groove to woven designs. Colonial Restoration spends the time to uniquely stitch the pattern back to the original form.

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Potomac Chair Caning and Rush Preservation - VA MD

Rush is a type of weaving technique that can be expensive in some cases. Some museum pieces and antique chairs are usually made of natural rush. These natural rush pieces are expensive because the process of creating these masterpieces is extensive. It will entail a knack for detail, patience and being able to weave at a master level.

Repairing your favorite pieces of furniture and restoring them to like new is the perfect option. It creates antique items to share with loved ones and to give us gifts. Chair repair refinishing is the great way to save the rocker that you used to help put your children to sleep. Passing done these family heirlooms to your children to use with theirs is history. Use chair repair refinishing to salvage your most prized and sentimental possessions with Colonial Restoration!

Colonial Restoration is the family run company that brings the quality back into any original craftsmanship. Antiques are our specialty! Give us a call today for your free consultation about your special item that is in need of caning or rush restoration. We can even come to you!

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