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Antique secretary desks that are full of individual mail slots with a drop down writing station are loved by many. There are many different types of antique desks that are cherished today such as vanity desks, writing desks, executive desks, roll top desks and many, many more. Each desk from a different decade had a purpose and every inch was utilized for making business deals or writing love letters. They all tell a story of an era and promote a trend from that decade in time. Fine antique desks can be difficult to find, especially ones that have never been touched or refinished before.

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Maryland Desk Preservation and Virginia Antique Desk Repair

Colonial Restoration is experienced with vintage restoration and desk refinishing and cleaning is our expertise. Restoring a desk to its original form and enhancing the furniture to regain its natural beauty is our end goal. We take pride in desk refinishing and spend time cleaning, fixing any broken parts or scratches that need repair. No flaw is ever overlooked with Colonial Restoration in Maryland.

Trends will always come and go and having a unique antique desk that has been restored to its timeless stylishness will always benefit you for the future. There is a sense of durability and classiness from older wood furniture that is desired by many. Getting your hands on furniture that is in relatively good condition and just needs a little love can be a gold mind for you. Contact our professionals to see if your item is valuable and how desk refinishing for your item can change the end value. Woodworking isn’t for everyone and it takes time and patience and years of experience to thoroughly understand what it is that you are working with. Colonial Restoration has generations of expertise in desk repair and can’t wait to see your piece of furniture!

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