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Antique secretary desks that are full of individual mail slots with a drop down writing station are loved by many. There are many different types of antique desks that are cherished today such as vanity desks, writing desks, executive desks, roll top desks and many, many more. Each desk from a different decade had a purpose and every inch was utilized for making business deals or writing love letters. They all tell a story of an era and promote a trend from that decade in time. Fine antique desks can be difficult to find, especially ones that have never been touched or refinished before.

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Maryland Desk Preservation and Virginia Antique Desk Repair

Colonial Restoration is experienced with vintage restoration and desk refinishing and cleaning is our expertise. Restoring a desk to its original form and enhancing the furniture to regain its natural beauty is our end goal. We take pride in desk refinishing and spend time cleaning, fixing any broken parts or scratches that need repair. No flaw is ever overlooked with Colonial Restoration in Maryland.

Trends will always come and go and having a unique antique desk that has been restored to its timeless stylishness will always benefit you for the future. There is a sense of durability and classiness from older wood furniture that is desired by many. Getting your hands on furniture that is in relatively good condition and just needs a little love can be a gold mind for you. Contact our professionals to see if your item is valuable and how desk refinishing for your item can change the end value. Woodworking isn’t for everyone and it takes time and patience and years of experience to thoroughly understand what it is that you are working with. Colonial Restoration has generations of expertise in desk repair and can’t wait to see your piece of furniture!

Antique Desk Restoration in Maryland

An antique desk is a lovely item to display in your home or your business. They are made from solid wood and they have amazing details to them. However, due to their age, they can start to show signs of wear over time. Rather than getting rid of them or moving them to an out of sight location, consider antique desk restoration services.

You will find services for all sizes and types of such furniture. Some of them are simple and others are very large and heavy items. Your item may be one that has been in your family for a long time and has plenty of history with it. Perhaps you purchased it used and it had some signs of wear when you got it.


The restoration process is going to add value to your antique desk. In fact, it may surprise you to discover just how many of them out there have had such work done. They are lovely without a doubt, but they do require care and upkeep. The options today make it possible to repair them and to restore them to their original beauty without it being expensive.

In order to gain such benefits, you need to put the work into the right hands. It is wise to be selective about who you hire for antique desk restoring services. They can assess the item and tell you what they feel it needs and how much it will cost to get it done. They can also share with you how long they feel such a project is going to take.


Common repairs to antique desks include replacing wood that has become damaged. There may be areas that aren’t as stable as they once were. Efforts to replace those areas or to reinforce them will make a difference. It will allow the desk to continue to be useable and to ensure it is sturdy. You never want safety to be compromised due to the age of the item. Every effort should be made to complete those repairs with wood that is very similar to what was originally used.

With this in mind, the restoration provider needs to have a very good understanding of those wood products. They also need to have connections that allow them to get what they need to successfully complete those repairs for you. When they are done correctly, no one will be able to tell such work has been done!


Antique desks offer a variety of styles, colors, wood used, and even the details of the wood. These elements make them unique and should be fully appreciated. The goal of the restoration process is to make them look like new again. The process shouldn’t damage the wood and it should allow those lovely characteristics of the wood to shine and stand out like they did when it was brand new.

They certainly don’t make desks like they did long ago, so buying a new one isn’t going to offer you that same great look or overall value. Look into the process of repairing and restoring so you can bring new life to that antique desk!

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