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When thinking of salvaging a dresser for refinishing purposes, think about using a trained professional first. Refinishing furniture is a tedious task that requires patience and time in order to have the end result come out as planned. Stripping any dresser is a messy process. Keep in mind in some cases, when purchasing an antique dresser for restoration, this dresser may have already been restored or painted before and done incorrectly. Many problems can arise if you don’t know what you are doing. It is always great to consult with experts before touching any antique dresser for refinishing. Some pieces may be more valuable than you think!

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Maryland Dresser Preservation and Antique Dresser Restoration in VA

Dresser refinishing done by experts who have proper tools and materials and know how to work with difficulties at hand will be able to deliver a phenomenal result. Before attempting to strip and restore any dresser for refinishing, consult with our professionals first at Colonial Restoration. We offer 30 plus years of experience in dresser repairing and refinishing and can properly match colors and designs to look like new. Our team has developed an eye for wood finishes and repairing of all unique antique dresser drawers. Colonial Restoration knows how to use strippers without destroying the furniture and delivering an illuminating end result.

Using a company like Colonial Restoration for dresser repair will refinish your antique and keep the value of your item high. The next time you are thinking of throwing away that old dresser from your mom’s house or grandma’s house, check with our experts at Colonial Restoration first to see if you are sitting on a valuable antique dresser that could use a little spruce up. Give our professionals at Colonial Restoration in Maryland a call today for a free consultation and schedule an appointment for us to come to you!

Antique Dresser Restoration and Dresser Repair in Maryland

Many of the dressers today don’t hold up well due to what they are made from. If you are lucky enough to own one that is made from quality wood, it is sturdy and it will last for a very long time. However, there may come a time when you need to have it repaired or restored. This is a much better option than replacing it!

Often, the cost is very inexpensive and the work looks amazing! The price will depend on who you hire to take on the task. It will also depend on the extent of the repairs or restoration required. A great provider will always be upfront with you about the process they use and the cost involved. This can help you to make up your mind about moving forward with it.

Antique furniture can set the tone for a very nice and inviting bedroom design. Dressers tend to have unique designs on them that are appealing and very nice to look at. However, the item can quickly become something you are embarrassed by if it doesn’t look nice. It can also become a hassle if the drawers stick when you try to open and close them. Getting help to make it work better and to look better is a great option.

End Result

The end result of successful antique dresser restoration and repairs is to ensure you have a product you love. It should be fully functional with the drawers able to open and close with ease. It should be structurally sound, sturdy, and safe to use. At the same time, the beauty of such an item should be there. The process should include doing all possible to restore the natural beauty of the wood it was created from. With repairs, they will strive to use the same type of wood that was originally part of the dresser design.

If you tried to complete repairs or restoration on your own, you may have used products that harmed the wood. This includes painting over it or the use of spray paint products. You may have found a great product at a second hand store or an estate sale, but now you want it to be restored. While such projects are more of a challenge and take more time, it is possible the harm can be removed or minimized and they can get that antique dresser back to what it originally was!

The Process Involved

The process for antique dresser repairs and restoration will depend on your specific item. An expert is able to take a close look at it and identify the needs. They can share with you the best process available to get results. They can talk to you about the various steps involved and how long they feel it will take to get the work completed. You should feel comfortable to ask them any questions you may have or for any special requirements you are looking for with this restoration process.

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