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Digging through antiques in your attic or garage can be exciting! Finding out that your one of a kind pieces of furniture have been neglected for some time is not. Now you need a way to thoroughly have your piece of furniture cleaned and back to looking new. With Colonial Restoration, our experts are looking forward to helping you to restore your piece of furniture to it's original fashion.

Dirt and dust can build on furniture throughout time and make the item look dull. The removal of dirt and dust buildup can be difficult depending on the severity. Some furniture cleaning calls for the use of turpentine or linseed oils. Finding and identifying the proper tools, materials and equipment needed for your unique piece of furniture can be stressful and can end up in a disaster. Utilizing professionals for help in cleaning of your furniture can be a great idea and will allow you to have your very own family heirloom that you can share amongst your loved ones for generations. Colonial Restoration can identify each unique piece of wood and properly take care of the furniture for the individual needs that it calls for to keep the wood looking its best for years to come!

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The process of furniture cleaning may seem fairly easy but if not done with the proper cleansers and astringents the item you cherish could ended up ruined. Handing your antiques furniture over to trained professionals is never a bad idea to keep your piece looking perfect for years to come. Colonial Restoration chooses the right materials for each unique furniture cleaning. No two pieces are the exact same and they should never be treated as such. Each item is applied with finishing waxes to promote that luxurious shine! Give us a call today for a consultation for your furniture cleaning!

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