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Gilding and Gold Leaf - Potomac, MD and VA

Gilding is a technique that involves the application of gold to a hard surface. The gold is typically 23 karat or below and is applied in a powder or leaf like form and in thin coats on stones, metals and woods. Gilding has been used for decades and in numerous ways for decorative purposes. Three types of gilding are oil gilding, glass gilding and water gilding. Each technique is special in its own way and offers a different appearance.

The technique of gold gilding is tedious and requires expertise to restore and refinish such exacting designs. This method is done by gilding the gold on the reverse side of the glass to deliver a stunning design and mirror like reflection in the picture. Antique gilding needs to be precise and done correctly in order to achieve the appropriate result to the item.

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Gold Leaf Repair Virgina and Maryland

Oil Gilding is one of the most common and easiest methods to use. Although, it can be appealing to the eye it is not as beautiful as the other techniques but is perfect for outdoor pieces. This type of gilding is more forgiving, and will still help to deliver a pleasing result.Water gilding offers the highest quality and most natural looking finish to any other method that is used. This process is time consuming and requires intense preparation for every item. Although this form will give the greatest appearance and end result, it is only practical for items that will be far away from moist areas. This stunning method is usually used on artwork and frames.

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Gilding and Gold Leaf in Potomac

It is possible to add gold to a hard surface. This process is referred to as gilding, and it should only be completed by someone with the right skill set. They can apply up to 23 karat gold for the project. They do so using a type of powder or gold leaf in very thin layers. Such a product can be added to wood, metal, and stone. It is a wonderful way to decorate but the final outcome will depend on who you hire for such a job.

Such items can be displayed indoors or outside. It may be a simple project you have in mind such as a one of a kind picture frame to give to someone as a gift. It may be more in depth such as an addition to your outdoor furniture where you host family and friends on a regular basis. As you see the beauty it offers, you may decide this is the only option you wish to consider for adding some class and flare at the same time.


When it comes to the process of gilding and adding gold leaf, there are various methods a person can incorporate. It will often depend on the type of material they are working on, the final desired outcome of the project, and other factors. The entity you hire for this job should have the right method and the right training.

Once they have evaluated your project and listened to what you want, they can share with you the best method to get such results. They all vary with the final look they can offer. They may need to share examples with you so you can see what the options look like. It is nice to have such visual aids as you want to fall in love with the way your item looks when they are done with the process.


Make sure you give them plenty of time to complete the gilding and gold leaf procedures. This is a time consuming process as it has to be done mostly by hand. They need to have a steady hand and a good eye. They need to be dedicated to getting results with the thin layers they apply. The number of layers they will need to complete depends on your specific project.

You may want the process completed on antique furniture or older mirrors. You may have some newer items that you would enjoy giving this type of spectacular addition to. The possibilities are unlimited, but you should definitely take your time to choose the provider for such work. You want to be very pleased with it!


The price of gilding and the use of gold leaf will depend on the scope of the project. It stands to reason the more time it takes them to complete it, the more they must charge for their investment of time with it. The more gold flakes it takes to complete the project, the more the overhead will be for supplies. However, you should always be given the total price before the work is started.

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