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A mother of pearl is considered to be organic and can be used in jewelry. Producing mother of pearl is actually extremely difficult and more often coral or ivory is used today. This is why these antiques are so valuable today! If you happen to have a real mother of pearl jewelry or in antique artifacts you are holding on to an expensive possession. Because of the mother of pearls beauty and value, restoring and maintaining special pieces can add even greater value to your item. Certain pieces that have fine cracks or any damage to the outside of the pearl itself should be handled by experts.

Attempting to fix pieces can result in even more damage. A professional will be able to properly sand, buff, wax and seal the mother of pearl for repair. They will also have the proper tools and technique to remove the precious pearl from its setting without any breakage. Very rarely a jeweler will have the tools or knowledge to repair any mother of pearls that are antiques. Colonial Restoration has years of experience in mother of pearl repair. Our experts have perfected the skill of correctly restoring and refinishing antique mother of pearl items to their original fashion.

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Colonial Restoration works with antique mother of pearls in many different forms. It can range from jewelry to antiques of all sizes. Below is a photo catalog with items that have had mother of pearl repair. Each antique is as unique as the last and displayed a different challenge in order to restore it properly. Bring your cherished heirlooms and precious mother of pearl pieces to our trained professionals today!

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