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Painting Preservation in Potomac - Antique Painting and Art Restoration in Maryland

Antique painting restoration will be difficult for any untrained professional. Colonial Restoration has had years of experience and training with painting restorations. Painting conservation is a tedious process that needs to be done with patience and a steady hand. An eye for proper coatings, colors and fillers is important for the end result of the painting that is being refinished. Painting conservation is on structural and aesthetic pieces that have been damaged. Damage can happen to paintings in many different ways. The most common is the way the painting has been stored overtime and the handling of the art. There are factors that can make painting conservation even more difficult. The era of the art work can make it especially difficult to match acrylics and oils. Painting restoration should only be done by trained professionals. The risk of losing the artwork from an untrained eye is a large possibility when not working with an expert.

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Colonial Restoration has dedicated experts who have worked on specialty pieces that are displayed in museums. We are a trusted company that have helped to restored and refine artwork from many different eras. Contemporary and modern art can usually raise a challenge for many and the experience lies in the artist and skills at hand of the expert restoring the painting. Below you will find a gallery of some of the miraculous pieces that we have had the pleasure to restore. Click through to see the beauty in the refinished final products of our painting restorations and give us a call today. We do free consultations and can even come to you! If you are curious if you have a painting that may need to be restored or could be worth something than Colonial Restoration can help you to answer these questions. Our qualified experts are waiting to restore your precious paintings!

Antique Painting and Art Restoration in Maryland

Antique paintings can be wonderful items to display at home or at your business. They are focal points due to the images and the details. However, older ones can start to show signs of wear. That makes them less appealing, and you may feel thinking you have to remove them and put up something else.

This can be upsetting as you may be very passionate about that art work. It may be a family item or it may be something from an artist you are very impressed with. A better alternative to replacing it though is to look into the process of antique painting and art restoration. With the technology offered today, such services can be conducted without damaging the work of art in any way.

With the restoration process, they are taking that original and fixing it. You may have areas of paint that are chipped or peeling. They aren’t very attractive but don’t worry about it because they can be fixed! The finished work will still have the antique elements but they will be well regarded and preserved for you to proudly display this art for a long time into the future.

Trained Professional

It isn’t easy at all to complete antique painting and art restoration. However, there are trained professionals out there willing to take on that challenge. Make sure you have done your homework to verify they have what it takes to get the work done. You want to be thrilled with what they completed, not disappointed with the outcome.

The methods they use to complete the restoration of your art work will vary. It should depend on the type of painting, the materials it is made from, and the needs it has. They should assess the best possible methods and techniques available to do the work for a low cost. They should share all of this information with you so you can make a well informed decision about what you would like to have done. If you have any questions, ask before they get started.

Time Consuming

You do need to be patient though as the process of antique painting and art restoration can be time consuming. There are many details that must be attended to, and they can’t be rushed. It often requires the work to be done by hand by the individual. They have to carefully select fillers and colors to ensure everything matches. They have to match that time period too when it comes to the supplies.

There is plenty of work going on behind the scenes before they are ready to touch the actual art! It will be worth the wait though when you see the updates they have completed. The painting will look lovely and the work will be impossible to identify! Many of these experts are highly regarded and they do work for museums and historical sites. Verify the provider and the work they can do before you give them your art to work on.

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