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Porcelain Repair in Potomac - Antique Porcelain Maryland

Many of us hold porcelain treasures dear to our hearts. Sometimes damage can occur to your favorite porcelain plate and shatter but restoration is always an option for the majority of different ceramics. If the design of the porcelain object is in need of restorative paint or replication of design, our experts at Colonial Restoration are perfect for the job. Colors, fine lines and broken pieces are no match for our high quality professionals. It is our job to bring your broken valuables back to life so you can continue to enjoy them the way they were meant to be!

Finding an expert in color matching is hard to come by. Just like painting restoration, porcelain restoration can be tricky to master the art of exact matching. Our professionals spend the time to find the precise match of colors and properly cut pieces that will fit just perfectly into any broken artifacts. Every decorative line matters and is important to the end result of the porcelain piece at hand. We also specialize in figurine repair as well. Now your gorgeous figurines can once again be displayed for all to see without any hint of damage. Porcelain restoration can be time consuming, but when performend by professionals, sentimental figurine, plate, ceramic and, artifact peices of porcelain can always be repaired. We pride ourselves in paying attention to detail and displaying superior craftsmanship in our work of porcelain repair.

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Porcelain Repair - Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Rockville

Colonial Restoration has worked with large and small porcelain treasures that have needed repair. Below is some of our work that we have done for museums and families. Never stress again over broken household items, family heirlooms or antique repairs. Just give us a call today and see how we can you to restorative your item exactly to the original.

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