Sideboard Preservation

Antique Sideboard Repair and Preservation in Potomac

Antique sideboards are a piece of statement furniture that consists of drawers, and cabinets for dishes and linens and that are usually found in hallways or dining rooms. These sideboards are put on display as functional yet stunning focal points in a room.

Antique sideboards are making a comeback and have been for a number of years. People are searching for the perfect entranceway piece and kitchen décor to display their figurines. The look of an antique sideboard is especially beautiful because of the unique design elements. The legs of these can be mid-century and have more than just four standing legs. These mid-century sideboards are more favored now and increasing in value. Sideboard restoration is the perfect option for regaining that perfect original look for your piece of furniture. Colonial Restoration are experts in refinishing, and carefully strip each section to redeposit the right coloring or tone of your choice.

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Rockville Antique Sideboard Restoration

We have 30 years of experience and are skillful craftsmen in antique conservation. Our staff has seen it all and knows how to handle every piece with care and precision in repair. These mid-century modern pieces have always made a statement and continue to evolve in today’s market. If you have found a piece that you love and would like it restored to a more modern look than Colonial Restoration is your team. If you own a piece that you would simply like restored to original form than we are the experts that you can trust!

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