Table Restoration

Table Restoration in Maryland and Virgina

At Colonial Restoration we take pride in every table restoration that we do. We understand that each piece usually will carry a deep meaning or a story to go along with it. When it comes to precious antique furniture restoration there is no better team for the job in Maryland and Virginia. Our qualified professionals take time and use caution with every table restoration. We spend time carefully removing the finish to create a fresh slate to start with. We offer various methods for table restoration such as filling and sealing the grain if you are looking to keep the original look of the piece intact. It is our job at Colonial Restoration to deliver exactly what our client want and how they invision their end result of their table restoration.

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Bethesda and Chevy Chase Table Refinishing

Some clients will come across a one of kind table from the nineteenth century and will want to give it more of a modern feel. By allowing our team to properly strip, seal and refinish with the correct color for the table, it can make a whole world of difference. Often times there are pieces that are brought to us that are in need of just a slight restoration. This process can easily be done as well by our team to restore the table to perfect condition. Buying new is out and redoing the old is in! Table restoration is the perfect way to keep your home looking fresh and new without the cost of having to purchase new items. Table restoration allows you to always choose the look of your table and having it for generations to pass to your loved ones. We proudly service Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Potomac, Silver Springs, Rockville, and all of Maryland and Virgina. Having antiques that have been refinished are valuable and end up becoming more special to you than the new pieces you may buy throughout time. At Colonial Restoration Studio we understand the sentiment that goes behind every piece and we are ready to add our touch to your antique!

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